Coworker Relationships

When you add kids to your life your other relationships change, for better or for worse. Most of my friendships have grown stronger in the years since I became a parent, and I have met so many new friends throughout this journey. One surprising change was my relationship with my colleagues.

“Don’t drink the water” jokes abound in my office, and in the seven years I have been here I can count at least 13 baby showers. It also means we have formed a bond that will extend past these jobs and into our futures. With so many children ages five and under we have a connection we did not foresee when we first walked through these doors - an empathy that helps us carry each other on bad days. We are sharing this experience of working full time while caring for small children, and we can see each other through the days when we haven’t slept, the wardrobe malfunctions, the plagues and the appointments. They are there with a pat on the back (proverbial, because they know what “touched out” means) when we show up wearing shoes that don’t match, or a spit-up stain we didn’t know we had.

We have become each other's valued confidants, never judging another mom’s failures, but ready to say we’ve been there, done that, and will probably do it again. We show up at each other’s doors with donuts and caffeine. When we see someone struggling through postpartum depression or just plain exhaustion, we help pick up the slack. We know that support is the best gift we can give or receive, so we dish it out like ice cream.

Photo courtesy of @reneerodriguezphotography