Let Down, Tune In, Zone Out

We know, we know...these days you might not feel like you have 2 minutes to yourself to pee, much less 2 hours to watch a movie. But do you realize the *amazing* amount of time you spend nursing and pumping? You’re providing life giving nourishment for a tiny human being, you deserve to treat yourself to some bubble gum for the brain...which, admittedly, might be as much as your sleep-addled mind can handle these days.

These movies are watchable in little bits over the span of a couple days. Or -- even better -- let someone else take the baby for an evening and put up your feet for some much needed "me and only me" time. We dare you to stay awake until the end!

Either way, these movies are great for emotional catharsis:  laugh, cry, and be reminded that this whole parenting thing is worth it.

5. What to Expect When You're Expecting

“Rule #1 - No judging.” Loosely (as in loosely) inspired by the best selling pregnancy guide, this fun, junk-food-equivalent of a movie looks at pregnancy and parenthood through the interconnected lives of five couples.

Why We Loved It: Like its namesake pregnancy guide, the interweaving storylines preview the ups and downs of parenthood. Plus, the star-studded cast provides plenty of inspo for your next #WCW or #MCM. 

4. Away We Go 

Road Trip!

Away We Go follows an expecting couple traveling the country, looking for the perfect place to raise their baby. If you’re a fan of The Office, you can take your John Krasinski crush to the next level by enjoying this funny, cheeky, and hopeful comedy-drama

Why We Loved It: This artsy flick is equal parts sassy and sentimental with a #relatable couple looking to find what home really means. Also, did we mention John Krasinski?

3. Babies 

This one is a little different in that it’s a documentary that follows four babies in four very different parts of the world through their first moments. Documentaries not your thing? No matter -- the stunning visuals and cute baby moments are completely captivating.

Why We Loved It: We thought it was fascinating (from a cultural standpoint) and adorable (from a mama standpoint). Think: Planet Earth, but with baby humans instead of baby penguins!

2. Knocked up 

If you’re looking for something a bit more adult, check out this raunchy comedy following a high-achieving professional who gets pregnant after a one-night stand with a notorious slacker. Knocked Up balances its laughs with real heart and genuineness. Just make sure that there are no kids in the room while you watch this one!  🙈 🙊

Why We Loved It: Just like syrup and bacon, the pairing of Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen is an unexpected combo that totally works.

1. Juno

If you ask people to name a movie about pregnancy, this one will probably be one of the first they name. And for good reason! This little indie film about an unplanned teen pregnancy won more awards than you can fit in your diaper bag, including an Oscar and BAFTA.

Why We Loved It: Despite being so critically acclaimed, Juno doesn’t take itself too seriously. Basically, this film is all around as golden as Paulie Bleeker’s famous shorts.