A Little Help from our Friends

My best friend had her first child a little more than a year ahead of me and she has taught me many valuable parenting lessons. The most important: ask for help, even if the request might seem weird to others.

Her son was four months old when she called me for help. It was her wedding anniversary and the baby was in the middle of the dreaded four month sleep regression. They knew the likelihood of intimacy that night was slim and, hey, desperate times called for desperate measures.

So my husband and I went over to her house and she helped me put her son in a baby carrier. Then we walked him all around the neighborhood for an hour, with the express purpose of letting his parents have anniversary sex without having one ear on the baby monitor.

In more recent times, she has invited my daughter over to spend the night when she could tell my husband and I needed some time to reconnect.

The literal lesson here is that sometimes it takes at least three adults to pull off anniversary sex! But my bigger lesson is that friends are not just for frozen meals and late night chats; sometimes they can help shore up your marriage as well.