That awkward moment when...

"I feel comfortable breastfeeding in front of others... but it's awkward to pump in front of, say, my father-in-law."

This quote came from a user interview today, and it's a sentiment we've heard many times.

Pumping in front of one's in-laws is not an explicit goal, but it's definitely an implicit goal of our product design. We believe that a woman should have the option to pump wherever she is without fuss, without shame, without having to take her clothes off and disengage from her life for 20 minute intervals, multiple times a day. To do this, she needs a pump that makes her feel comfortable and confident...and clothed.

We know it might be a stretch for some women to feel comfortable pumping in front of others. We get it. But we believe she should have a natural-feeling and confidence-inspiring pump experience no matter where she is or who she is with, even if it's just herself.

Unless, of course, she's using the pump as an excuse to leave the room while her in-laws are visiting.

Either way, we're here to support her.