Men of Moxxly

Moxxly was founded by three women and, in the early days especially, we got asked ALL THE TIME whether we’d ever hire a man.


It probably goes without saying that we’re not really into gender discrimination of any kind (illegalities of which notwithstanding).

Let us proudly present the Men Of Moxxly, Jake and Wisit!

Jake and Wisit's efforts to understand the user experience through empathy exercises, user interviews, and research -- not to mention the serious amount of time Jake spent perusing breastfeeding boards on Reddit-- are seriously impressive. Jake and Wisit round out not only our engineering team but also our team culture and values.

We are excited to make products that put the female experience at the forefront of our design process. We also know that a diversity of ideas and perspectives generally yields the most inspired outcomes. We’re really glad to have a differing vantage points and experiences represented around the table.

High five, Jake and Wisit!