Finding Your Supernanny: Part 3

Your newly selected caretaker will hopefully soon feel like family (or maybe already is!). To set the relationship up for success, we recommend being crystal clear in your expectations and communications with your caretaker at the outset of the job. Neither party wants to be dealing with unanticipated what-ifs as you're trying to rush out for a 9am meeting. We recommend putting your agreements and expectations in writing -- an agreement or contract or whatever you want to call it -- and reviewing it with your caretaker when you finalize the terms of employment. 

Here's our recommendation of what to include (or at least consider!):

  • Start date, compensation, schedule
  • Payment date, method, and related taxes (if applicable)
  • Trial period (if applicable) (i.e. first 30 days with no notice needed to terminate contract)
  • Vacation policy – amount of days, how they are selected and paid, and notice required. If you’re in a nanny share, ensure that this will accommodate both families.
  • Sick time – amount of days, payment, and what occurs if they aren’t used
  • Health – any flu shot and vaccination requirements, and/or CPR training  
  • Recommended paid holidays: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Presidents Day, Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and 4th of July
  • Household responsibilities
  • Expectations for activities outside the home (e.g. acceptable places or forms of transportation, communication while out, emergency meeting place)
  • Expectations for care inside the home (e.g. screen time limits, schedule, discipline)
  • Social media expectations (e.g. Nanny understands that no information about her location, plans for the day, or pictures of the children should be shared on social media networks)
  • “Nanny cam” video monitor notification and consent (if applicable)
  • Expectations for use of cell phone
  • Time requirement for termination
  • Grounds for immediate termination